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Subject:Boomerangs are for Lonely People
Time:10:01 am
*warning, randomness ahead*
How lonely do you have to be to want to play catch with yourself?

I ask this because it is such a nice day out, the first of many i'm sure before we turn global warming into hell on earth.

I'm thinking of throwing a frisbee around the parking deck outside.. maybe i'll throw it inside the office.
I had my annual review yesterday, got good scores, i'm allowed to screw up.

speaking of screwing up, its almost cub season!
My first cubs opening day. (yay)
Even though the government hasn't OFFICIALLY said anything yet, i hear that the spring forward time change is going to be moved to when mark prior and kerry wood get hurt in spring training since it seems to be an annual thing.

i want a hard core investigation done on their pitching coach... shouldn't he be noticing something!?

mark- so throw the ball like this?
larry- yeah sure whatever (goes back to his magazine)

in other news, i'm negotiating contracts now.... if you know me you are either saying ''wow cool, i knew it would be something like that'' or ''wow .. i never would have guessed andrew/drew to be the smooth talker'' or most likely '' cool, but i really dont care''

its an interesting process... it'll give me lots of warm up for when i buy a car(yes i'm looking)
in the meantime, the inbetween time.. you have your's and i'll get mine.

i heard on the radio today that if you take these two soon to be marketed pills, you will be immune to aids.

the gay person telling us this was excited because now he can go run around and have crazy promiscious sex.
i guess aids was the only thing holding him back, and not herpes, or anal warts or whatever else you can get from dirty butts.

of course, that whole thing could have been a big joke and i simply didn't get it.

usually the case
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Time:12:10 pm
Well, the sex-offender who most every male would let molest them just got her charges dropped.
is it because she's beautiful? or a woman?

the other most recent sex-offender gets jail time and a court order not to see the child who's child she's carying until he's 17

she was not hot.

the world confuses me.
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Subject:What?! Does Super Nanny have to slap a bitch?
Time:12:44 pm
Purely Random. I will admit that the show is very amusing to me. Something about crappy parents that makes me like my childhood just a bit more. Without going too deep I'll let everyone know that has been following my adventures through the years that my relationship with my mom and dad (whom are divorced) is better than it has been in a long long time.

Moving on.

I thought about doing a top ten list again. I like listing my favorite things but I opted out of it. I also considered doing one of my rants that make me feel better when I'm done typing and bring forth a chuckle or two..........albeit rare.

Not in the mood.

I'm just saying 'hi' to everyone and going to tell a short story instead.

once upon a time......
...I was living with my friend Greg at the time. These were my college years and my first apartment. Actually this was my first time living on my own in the 'not living with parents' sense. Life was good, and we did things that you of course cannot do in your home, or your neighbors when you're living in your parents house. I hated my neighbors. They were loud, and would scream things like 'ride 'em cowboy' all day. Two boys and one girl lived above me, and they just thought they were the cutest little spin off of friends ever.

I am a very very very docille creature, too much so usually. I let people push me around a lot and I rarely start any physical confrontations. For a moment or two in time college neighbors broke me of that habit very quickly. First, when they moved in, they never came down to share introductions. I always tried to say ''hi i'm your neighbor'' wherever I go at least (side note, newest neighbor up here in chicago is named Kenyata) What started it all was cooking. Grilling actually, I was grilling out on our deck, which was below their deck. The smoke got a little out of control and I rushed up to appologize. The guy was originally ok, but the girl was a bitch about it. After I got the 'its cool' from the guy, the more she bitched the more uncool it got. At the end of the conversation they were both upset and I just appologized again and left.

The next day I find my grill flipped over and in the parking lot. Its obvious who did this. I let it slide, no damage done to the grill. From that day on, they stomped up the stairs outside my door a lot louder. I let it slide, I try to be tolerent.

One day I come home, and the guy that lives above me (who also had the same kind of car as me, except his was the base line and mine had the bells and whistles i.e. racing stripes) left his light on. I go up and let him know, he's fine with it, and the girl asks me ''why is HE here? what did he do now??''

I walk out mid conversation with him.

Next day my car is keyed up.

See the pattern?

The stomping increased.

I confront them on the keying, I ask them if anyone was hanging around my car the last couple of days. They say they didnt see anyone key up my car (i didnt ask them if i saw keying i asked them if i saw hanging around) and realized they did it. I told them that if there were any problems, please let me know.. and left it at that.

That night they have a party
So much stomping pictures fall off my walls
The Next morning I wake up to find all their beer cans on my car along with some mcdonalds and a few other choice peices of garbage.

I vowed revenge right then.
I dumped bird seed all over the guys car.
This isn't a big deal, unless you have a huge blackbird problem like my college did back then.
Lots of birds on his car, pecking, clawing, crapping.

The other guy had the audacity to ask me to fill out one of his survey's for an agriculture class. I fill it out, and hand it back to him. Later I happened to find them on his deck. And they happened to find their way into my grill. Burning 200 pages of anything takes time.

And now for the girl. Greg (who has been helping me with the birdseed and clueless to the burnt surveys)and I saved the best for her. It was getting colder, freezing cold actually. After a few nights of wiping the salt off their steps, we iced them. very slowly and gently so that the ice was nice and clear.

That night we waited.


Greg and I smiled, we felt a little bad at first thinking maybe we got an innocent, that we went too far. Then we heard a few light sobs from a girl and then we were certain.

...........mission accomplished.


They never bothered me again after that week of hell for them. Both my neighbors and I left after our lease was up. It started to get warmer, and got a nice refersher chuckle when we found out that the guy's car was scratched to hell.
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Current Music:Irish Drinking Songs
Subject:Thank you! But our Princess is in another castle!!!
Time:12:07 pm

I had to remove the name from that quote so it was just a little harder to remember where it is from.

I've done this before. But I still have that memory lane itch that needs to be scratched. So here we go again. A collection of my top ten favorite somethings, and their reasons why. Today's focus. Video Games.

10. NBA JAM.  Any game that gives you a ridiculous amount to unlock is fun for me.  It must be the collector in me.  Simulation sports games were never my strong suit so these over the top arcade versions were always so much more appealing.  A game my brother and I would vs each other with for hours.

*favorite moment- realizing how easy full court shots were when you were on fire.

9. Dragon Warrior.  I actually recieved this game FREE from nintendo power for subscribing for a year.  Looking back that was an insane value.  Prior to popping Dragon Warrior into my NES the only game I owned was the Mario/Duck Hunt that came standard.  It was then that the true potential that these games held for me.  Not to mention my parents were happy with me playing something that held more reading and puzzles than shooting 8bit buzzards.

*favorite moment- Saving the princess from the green dragon so early on.

8. Top Gear.  I know I have mentioned this one before, so i'm going to keep it short.  Techno racing with nitro's and the start of a vary addictive series for me and the bro.

*favorite moment- stumbling across that one upgrade in TG2 that left you burning the entire grid of racers

7. Return Fire.  Capture the flag on a worldwide scale set to classical music.  Destruction is an ART!  I am not sure if this game ever got the exposure it deserved  Not many are familiar with the PS1's early hit.  I believe it was ported over from the 3DO's hayday.  four vehicles were all you needed to lay waste to your opponents defenses and get that elusive flag.

*favorite moment-  laughing like a madman while you're dodging the other player's complete arsenal being thrown during the getaway with their flag.
6.  Grand Theft Auto.  This could possibly be the only reason I orignally bought the PS2.  The freedom the game provided was nearly limitless.  Club anyone, steal any car, drive anywhere.  Yes it is hyperviolent, overly sexual, and offensive.  This however isn't an advocacy post, its a favorites list.

*favorite moment- "let me see if I can steal the tank"

5. Metal Gear.  This game has evolved unlike any other.  I have enjoyed every one.  The spy thriller storyline and james bond level of gadgets are perfect fillers for needing to sneak EVERYWHERE you go.

*favorite moment- figuring out how to sneak EVERYWHERE.

4.  Earth Defense Force (EDF).  Remember when the SNES was in its prime and it released about 10 games a month?  This one got lost in those days.  Its your typical 2D side scrolling shooter with massive upgrades as you play.  For some reason this one just stands out.

*favorite moment- (generic for the genre) taking out a ship that's larger than the screen

3. Final Fantasy 7.  This was a good story, fun characters for me.. but there is only one reason why it stood out to me.  Aeris


2. Street Fighter 2.  I got this for Christmas one year from my grandmother and I distinctly remember her asking me ''so you just fight the other person the whole time?''  like the title eluded to something else?  Hell yes you beat the crap out of the other person.  And I did it repeatedly.  I'm still accepting challenges from whoever wants to take me down.  I will say that Brandon trounced me good on an out of state trip to Oregon.  I require a rematch.

*favorite moment-  winning that first round against M. Bison thinking you can accomplish ANYTHING.

1.  Final Fantasy 6.  This had everything I wanted in a story.  From the stoic march in the beginning to the gut wrenching decision of whether to leave a man behind, to the fractured dreams of seeing your best still let the world fall into ruin only to hate everything between you and what needs to be done to set it right again.  Anti heroes need not apply.  The cast in Final Fantasy 6 stepped up because they WANTED to make the difference.

*favorite moment- the characters' reunion after the story segments
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Subject:Goodmorning starshine the world says .HELLO!
Time:08:00 am

Entertainment Weekly posts these lists every week about all the cool stuff going on. Rarely am I like ''oh yeah, that IS cool'' but it's nice to know what is new. WARNING. working in an office 9hrs a day (i dont take lunches) can severly cripple your 'cool factor'. The weeks go by so fast and I rotate like 8 different work outfits. I'm going to be out of touch, its easy to see how moms and dads can get locked into that one fashion. where dad just stops updating his haircuts and is forever sporting the george hamilton. Or moms that wear festive holiday sweatshirts because that is the only new garment they've recieved since their kid got them something LAST year for christmas.

I need to walk around oakbrook mall just to keep in touch with the times. Forgive me then, if this list of what I think is cool seems SO outdated. please feel free to update the categories with your own ideas. 

I dont really watch a lot because i am not a fan of reality tv.  However i will say that ''the hippies'' on amazing race crack me up.  everyone can name a friend that reminds them of those guys.  Another show I try to catch is Grey's Anatomy.  I'm not a fan of the title character.. she reminds me of eyore with her ''eerrhh i am speaking so softly that i'm raspy''  however she was adorable in oldschool.... i think that was her.

Right now, for me it is the Dark Tower series.  I'm on the fourth book and not tired of it yet at all.  Quick Dark Tower Synopsis Sponsered by BROKENSPACEBAR

When i want to be active, i play ddr.  crazy i know... i have a totally inability of dance.  I cannot do it.. and yes, sometimes while playing i almost fall.
but I manage to get A+ ratings sometimes.  juuuuuust enough encouragement to press forward 
For multiplayer games, right now its CoH, one of those subscribe to and log onto the internet to play - games.  My sister and her husband and my brother all have it.  so it is a good bonding experience if nothing else.

Dogville!  If you like artsy or independent films WATCH IT... i really can't talk about it without spoiling the experience for it.  I was very very satisfied with the movie though... made me feel all the things it wanted me to and none of the things we're suppose to.
V for Vendetta is coming out.. its getting a lot of hype.. and i'm starting to wonder if its worth it. .... i'll probably go see it... a movie based on a comic based on a book.... i think it becomes a musical next.

The only reason i'm including this is because its something i can pull off.  White button up shirts with some sort of accent or design.  I'M GOLDEN... i wore white shirts at 80% of every job i had.  So this summer, I'll be trendy for once..... and once salmon comes back and it looks like my shirt is actually just my baggy skin...i'm screwed. ..

The Black Eyed Peas have a tagolag (filipino) song that I like a lot.  But the band for me right now is 'we are scientists'  I have heard some of their cuts on launch (freeeeee internet radio) and have to go pick it up.. its quick, sharp and touch of rock... its the sound i like right now.   Beck's latest is also something i have been putting off grabbing.. well.. his last two cd's actually. see what i mean? i'm stuck! no updated music!!!

i'm going to take care of this on lunch today.

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Subject:Squibbles in the Star Catcher
Time:08:14 am
Unless you're Super Nanny you would not know I just referenced potty training.

Thats all I feel like saying right now.

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Current Music:launch radio = free radio
Subject:Spring Break vs. Spring Training
Time:08:02 am
Current Mood:Humid
While in school, I never really went on a big spring break vacation. I know during the community college portion of my college career a few of us went to chicago for a weekend. That was a good time, but only because of the group I went with.

I understand the whole need for unwinding and getting out going crazy having sex with new beautiful people you'll never see again and dont have to bump awkwardly into at your one college bars. I just could never afford it. That money I made from Jan to Apr was always thrown right back at the college

So how old do you have to be for spring break? And how old is too old? I'm sure if I went now, my only use would be 'duuuude buy us all beer!' for the younger ones. That makes what, 1/4 of the crowd there actually have a need for me? I'll just sit in my rocking chair and talk about 'back in my day we didn't have spring break.. we had easter vacation and we LIKED IT'.

More fun things with spring .. ( or rather something I can relate too ) is spring training. And since all my vendors are on the west coast guess what!? Mesa AZ could hook me up with spring training tickets if I ever head out there! I feel so... celebrity with my free perks. Like Robin Leach should be talking about how swag I am because iiiiii get piitched free tickets to spring traahhhnnning.

now if only i could go BLECH. well the same holds true for diamond back tickets... so as soon as i start to care about that team (which would coincidently be the five times the cubs play them this year) i'll go.
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Subject:God hates people who say God hates people that......
Time:12:01 pm
There is this family named the Phelps who travel around and protest at soldiers funerals. They protest the army's tolerance of allowing gays to join. It does not matter if the soldier was gay or straight, they will show up. This is the most disturbing act in the name of Christianity I have ever heard. Imagine suffering the loss of a son, mother, father or a friend you loved dearly. Barely able to keep it together during a funeral and have people screaming in the background about how they are GLAD the person you just lost is dead.

How can that not infuriate you?

It is not harsh to say they are GLAD your loss is dead either. The Phelps make it quite clear by waving around picket signs that read ''God Hates your tears'' and ''Thank God for I.E.Ds'' I had to know if they were right. Can God hate? Can God smile upon these people I find to be utterly tasteless and deplorable? God CAN hate according to a lot of what I've researched. But he only hates a select number of things.

Proverbs 6:16-19 tells us, "There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers."

Protesting your personal beliefs over someone's personal loss seems pretty wicked to me. So does blowing up abortion clinics. Claiming you know EXACTLY what God thinks/feels about a particular person and condemning them seems to be baring false witness. Disrupting our government and trying to create controversy (which is why they choose to be so high profile about their protests... get in those papers and news stories) is very much stirring up dissension among brothers.

Does God love me? Does God hate me? Probably both really. I have lied before.. something he hates. The Phelps need to be careful how they go about their campaign. The Bible had Lot sacrifice his daughters to be gang-banged in order to keep the Sods from ''knowing two angels'' (this is commonly read as 'having sex with') Lot also then lost his marriage and God repaid him by allowing him to have sex with, and impregnate his daughter. So now I'm confused. I thought I was suppose to hate incest. Well, for the sake of not passing judgment I will say that FROM MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION BASED ON WHAT I HAVE READ... you.. the Phelps family, are going to hell

Of course I won't know for sure until I most likely see you there.
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Subject:Join Bode - Be an American
Time:12:59 pm
If EVER did an American stereotype exist in ANY olympics, it was this year.

The world thinks of us as arrogant, self absorbed and a little over confident. I'd have to say that this year, we proved the world right with our representation in the winter olympics. We have the teamate in speed skating not participating in a team event so he can focus on his own goals. (side note, props to him for winning a white dominated event. Its only a matter of time now that whites start losing all over the place in speed skating remember boxing and nba? at least we'll always have male figure skating?) And then complains about not getting a handshake when he won his event from the guy he abandoned.

A snowboard cross participant that decides to do an aggressive trick at the end of the race biffs and instead of getting gold gets silver.

And Bode who can be quoted as ''rocking torino'' must have been speaking of his nightlife than his performance on the slopes. Nike might want to rethink their picks for endorsement. Stick with your original plan and back Ohno. His Zen attitude not only won him an undisputed gold, it was also one of the only moments someone manned up, worked hard, took themselves seriously and went out to ''Just Do It''
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Subject:Scratch my throat and call me Susan.
Time:04:56 pm
Im the only person in the world that can get strep throat and not face any of the symptoms. My throat decided to grow a lovely little ulcer on the back of it right over the bundle of nerves that run up into my ear.

Every time my throat twangs in pain it rockets up my neck and stabs my ear much like pin prick from the inside out. Am I stuffy nose, congested, coughing, achey, or pukey? No. I'm nothing. Just a throat that hurts now and then and crippling pain in my ear.

So I get two things out of it. Antibiotics (which are rare for me) and vicodin (1st time user). I can see why vicodin is so much fun for you trendy little substance abusers. The trick is to take it with absolutely nothing in your stomach. I noticed that after popping two with dinner and having nothing happen. I am so cool now cause i can share a ''there was this one time i was taking vicodin'' story.

The darn bottle cost almost ten dollars. Not sure how much you can buy it for on/off campus but i bet i could have made my money back.

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