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[icon] Thank you! But our Princess is in another castle!!! - Andrew
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Subject:Thank you! But our Princess is in another castle!!!
Time:12:07 pm

I had to remove the name from that quote so it was just a little harder to remember where it is from.

I've done this before. But I still have that memory lane itch that needs to be scratched. So here we go again. A collection of my top ten favorite somethings, and their reasons why. Today's focus. Video Games.

10. NBA JAM.  Any game that gives you a ridiculous amount to unlock is fun for me.  It must be the collector in me.  Simulation sports games were never my strong suit so these over the top arcade versions were always so much more appealing.  A game my brother and I would vs each other with for hours.

*favorite moment- realizing how easy full court shots were when you were on fire.

9. Dragon Warrior.  I actually recieved this game FREE from nintendo power for subscribing for a year.  Looking back that was an insane value.  Prior to popping Dragon Warrior into my NES the only game I owned was the Mario/Duck Hunt that came standard.  It was then that the true potential that these games held for me.  Not to mention my parents were happy with me playing something that held more reading and puzzles than shooting 8bit buzzards.

*favorite moment- Saving the princess from the green dragon so early on.

8. Top Gear.  I know I have mentioned this one before, so i'm going to keep it short.  Techno racing with nitro's and the start of a vary addictive series for me and the bro.

*favorite moment- stumbling across that one upgrade in TG2 that left you burning the entire grid of racers

7. Return Fire.  Capture the flag on a worldwide scale set to classical music.  Destruction is an ART!  I am not sure if this game ever got the exposure it deserved  Not many are familiar with the PS1's early hit.  I believe it was ported over from the 3DO's hayday.  four vehicles were all you needed to lay waste to your opponents defenses and get that elusive flag.

*favorite moment-  laughing like a madman while you're dodging the other player's complete arsenal being thrown during the getaway with their flag.
6.  Grand Theft Auto.  This could possibly be the only reason I orignally bought the PS2.  The freedom the game provided was nearly limitless.  Club anyone, steal any car, drive anywhere.  Yes it is hyperviolent, overly sexual, and offensive.  This however isn't an advocacy post, its a favorites list.

*favorite moment- "let me see if I can steal the tank"

5. Metal Gear.  This game has evolved unlike any other.  I have enjoyed every one.  The spy thriller storyline and james bond level of gadgets are perfect fillers for needing to sneak EVERYWHERE you go.

*favorite moment- figuring out how to sneak EVERYWHERE.

4.  Earth Defense Force (EDF).  Remember when the SNES was in its prime and it released about 10 games a month?  This one got lost in those days.  Its your typical 2D side scrolling shooter with massive upgrades as you play.  For some reason this one just stands out.

*favorite moment- (generic for the genre) taking out a ship that's larger than the screen

3. Final Fantasy 7.  This was a good story, fun characters for me.. but there is only one reason why it stood out to me.  Aeris


2. Street Fighter 2.  I got this for Christmas one year from my grandmother and I distinctly remember her asking me ''so you just fight the other person the whole time?''  like the title eluded to something else?  Hell yes you beat the crap out of the other person.  And I did it repeatedly.  I'm still accepting challenges from whoever wants to take me down.  I will say that Brandon trounced me good on an out of state trip to Oregon.  I require a rematch.

*favorite moment-  winning that first round against M. Bison thinking you can accomplish ANYTHING.

1.  Final Fantasy 6.  This had everything I wanted in a story.  From the stoic march in the beginning to the gut wrenching decision of whether to leave a man behind, to the fractured dreams of seeing your best still let the world fall into ruin only to hate everything between you and what needs to be done to set it right again.  Anti heroes need not apply.  The cast in Final Fantasy 6 stepped up because they WANTED to make the difference.

*favorite moment- the characters' reunion after the story segments
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Time:2006-03-19 12:14 am (UTC)
There are so many favorite moments for me with FF 3 (I played it as 3, it will always be known to me as 3). When Celes is doing the aria as Maria...ah, my all-time favorite scene. And my all-time favorite song. Though Rachel's theme song comes close.
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[icon] Thank you! But our Princess is in another castle!!! - Andrew
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