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Subject:Radical Stereotype Islam dudes!
Time:12:46 pm
How long has it been since this journal has been read? It has been even longer since I have written anything offensive. I must be getting doccile in my old age. Lets shake that up right now with a single sentence.

Radical Islamists are walking Stereotypes and suck at analogies.

Well.... maybe they dont SUCK at analogies.

If you haven't clicked to post a brazen comment yet, congratulations, you now get to know what leads ME to believe this.

Denmark posts a cartoon. A cartoon done tastefully to Denmark but in horrible taste in accordance to Islam. Denmark dropped the ball big time on being insensitive. Denmark... say you're sorry right now!! Seriously. You should be more respectful of people's cultures. Islamists should be mad at you. They should be very mad at you. Their faith prohibits any graphic depiction of their god. Denmark, whether knowingly or not offended an entire religion. Freedom of speech? Yes, responsibility of free speech? no.

But that is where all of it stops.

The cartoon was Muhamed wearing a turban shaped as a bomb. No doubt a play on Radical's use of hyperviolence under the veil of their religion.

Suicide Bombers are considered Martyrs. Killing thousands of people.. blowing them up.. because they challenge your faith is ok.. or hell.. using your religion to blow someone up period is acceptable. To Radical Islamists

And that is what the cartoon portrayed. A Religious symbol being masked over truely violent and destructive behavior.

The Radical's response?


Wow... Maybe they should step back and stop looking at how the cartoon was made and start looking at why the cartoon was made. And I don't think that is the case with a great many of Islam faitful. Remember: I'm only speaking of the 'radicals' and 'protestors'

Iran took it personally. They issued a Holocaust cartoon contest. Great idea. I can see how that would be extremely offensive TO JEWS. Denmark is a Christian Country. Iran sucks at analogies. They could have done much better by simply saying that Denmark as a country really hasn't ever contributed ANYTHING to the world until just now. It wouldn't necessarly be true, but at least it would make sense.

And well done Iran, for fueling fire. Way to work toward world peace by promoting a new kind of hate of your own. That is what Denmark did right? Well if by Government you mean Newspaper and by President you mean Cartoonist, then sure.

So a seemingly tasteless cartoon turned into pratically WWIII because people lost sight that this was a cartoonist, upsetting a religion. Do we really need to get our governments involved, fight this out? Why should we? Radicals are pretty good at blowing up things and escalating this ridiculiously all by themselves

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Subject:someone rub my belly.
Time:12:23 pm

You fit in with:

Your ideals mostly resemble those of the Buddhist faith. Spirituality is the most important thing in your life. You strive to live by all of your ideals, and live a very intellectually focused life.

40% spiritual.
20% faith-oriented.

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Subject:are you too old for this?
Time:12:33 pm
this information was generously donated by a Mr Brandon Z
so if you feel like you cannot relate to LJ anymore, check and see where you stand.
me? i'm a dinosaur.

Age Distribution
The following shows the age distribution of LiveJournal users:

13 23061
14 101471
15 232191
16 345626
17 380257
18 390220
19 377360
20 338490
21 267497
22 213658
23 172748
24 133167
25 116242
26 81877
27 63272
28 52625
29 41996
30 35634
31 29559
32 23914
33 21429
34 18605
35 18235
36 15389
37 11357
38 9647
39 8725
40 7572
41 6577
42 5649
43 5078
44 4699
45 5909
46 3940
47 3441
48 3060
49 2953
50 2850
51 2589
52 1953
53 1982
54 1550
55 1908
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Subject:i got paid to do this
Time:05:04 pm
Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See thebatsaysboo's results.Collapse )
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Time:12:50 pm
Do all of you who voted for bush feel stupid now?

If not, tell me why.
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Subject:as long as livejournal is livejournal it wont be taken seriously.
Time:12:37 pm
Bloggers ( who dont like to be called bloggers, unless they are pretintious, then they are podcasters ) everywhere agree. If it's read through livejournal, it's not worth being read.

It's unfortunate that I participate in a media that is considered tinkertoys and training wheels to others. Whiney I hate my life I got high with (random name)aside. I see their point and scanned five random livejournals to see for myself just what if anything was wrong with the average livejournal. I'll post highlights of their entries here and sum up the rest withh a quote that I find interesting.

Maybe this little practice will prove the antilivejournalists wrong.
Mostly I want it to make me feel better about the 'community' I participate in.

Livejournal #1 "Torn Between Good and Evil"

This is a small entry so i'm just going to post the whole thing:

"Remember when I said I was making a new journal? Well, I just left my first entry!!!! lilpunkbanana is my name. Go check out what I have so far. It will be a constant update, I promise! as for this journal... say byebye!!"

Ok, little punk banana - so far off to a bad start - hoping the next one isn't someone 12

Livejournal #2 "Free Range Squirrl Shark"

Another short one - maybe I'm getting off easy with these - however this one had a political cartoon link - and not really anything else.


Livejournal #3 "Woo Hoo Yellow Goo"

Unfortunately, it seems one line of nonsense is common place in livejournal as another entry is what I refer to as ''bibblebabble'' - here we are.

"well well well. school is almost over. now what?"

Twenty reponses that I did not care to read were offered.

Livejournal #4
The first attempt was written in russian. Since I dont know it, I cannot really comment on it, so we'll just try another.

Livejournal #4.2 "Falling with Style"

Catchy name: but then again I was struck by the obvious demographic of the writer. Saddly I stereotyped them as a 14 year old girl. read on:

" OH.

Why didn't I know about this before?

Sean Bean kissing another guy.

I must get this film.

*is ded* "

Is it true? Could livejournal truly be the joke of the internet that I heard it to be? one last attempt which I feel is a hail mary.

Livejournal #5 "This be for all you playa haters that be talkin that"


"So yea the weekend was somewhat eventfull. Friday ate me some mushrooms, went to sarahs crib and partied with a few ppl, got to chill with an old b.p.g.k. homie Hosh josh, it was tight. Them shrooms drained me like no other, it was a fuckin experience though to say the least. Ive ran off of like 7 hours of sleep in the past 2 days. It sucks fuckin ass. Saturday chilled with mike all day then we went lookin for parties, ran into quite a few lame ass ones, went to mikes his mom kicked us out then I ended up gettin to chill with Alyssa, which was much needed. It was tight as hell, I was so glad to finally get to kick it with her, all though her and everyone over there was completely faded outta thier gourds. It was all good. This is fuckin gravy. rite Im out folks. "

....... I'll leave the comments to you

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Subject:The moment no one has been waiting for.
Time:12:46 pm
I really dont think but maybe two people read this LJ anymore.. oh how it has fallen from grace.

remember when osama bin ladin would even reply? ah yes the good ol days.

I'll now open this part of LJ open to FAQs

--So where are you now? still being lame ass and living with your dad?

NO!.. i moved up the 24th of september to Glendale Heights. Since the majority of people who read this blog are americans i'll assume you absolutely suck at geography. It is a suburb of chicago approximently 30 minutes* west of the city

--Wow, you moved... why??!

I have a new job.. and it has nothing to do with food at all! I'm a placement coordinator for the NSA.. which i wish WAS the NSA.. but instead it stands for Newspaper services of America, they are an ad agency for-you guessed it- newspapers. no creative work... i just make sure all the puzzle peices come together and i've noticed that they usually dont. so 80% of my time is fixing newspapers stupid mistakes.. soooo if ad reps ever gain the ability to read orders and do math... i'll be out of the job :(

--Your job sounds unbelievably boring.. is it?

NO!.. it isnt.. everyone that works here is about my age and pretty cool.. it'll never be the life of working in the resturaunt industry and my sleep schedule is totally more 'mainstream'.. but everyone is nice and the work is challenging so i welcome it..

--Your job sounds unbelievably awesome.. is it??

NO!.. i miss doing the creative work and can find myself doing a three step process that takes maybe 10 minutes, over and over and over until the clock strikes five and i have to go home (they dont like people staying late! ya!) i miss creative work, but this job will give me the golden 3-5 years exp that every other job in the whole flippen world requires a college graduate to have magically aquired in the summer after graduation.

mmm other than that not much is too new and world shocking.. i find myself enjoying things like buying furniture and getting irritated by forgeting to shut off lights .... yeah.... things adults think are cool but things all those little hipsters in the emo glasses contribute to being 'a slave to the man'.. i think they should change their look since every time i see an emo kid i think of the verizon wireless guy... and i think i'll end it on that note :D

until next time.. digest what you've just learned.. once those two seconds are up feel free to return anytime


*Denotes map quest times.
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Current Music:clitter clatter keyboards and 1000 computers powering on.
Subject:still no official update.
Time:07:57 am

Still dont have the internet hooked up at my new apt, but it is damn close (since they told me friday).. then i can get back to random email checking and web surfing and everything else that i use to do to waste my time and if you're reading this, waste your time too.

its getting cold up here and i'm going to have to start warming up my habitacion better. all this cold air breathing is gonna give me a whooping cough.

but, well, since my computer is turned on, i figure my brain should star to turn on too... wish me well and goooooood talking to you again.

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Subject:to update you all by haiku
Time:08:16 am
So I have been gone
But that surely would not last
a lot has happened


i got a new job
it is up in chicago
everything is grand

thats all i really feel like doing right now in haiku... since i obviously need a bit more practice.

the internet will be successfully set up for me around the 29th so i will be more regular at checking and dont have to worry about 'big brother' monitor my activities.

more thoughts will stream then
until later, you must wait
it will be worth it.

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Subject:The Dream Come True
Time:12:29 pm
Guess what all you scallops and scallions (bonus points if you know the difference) I know finally get PAID to write in my livejournal.

you all can just sit and read this knowing that as your eyes go over it, money goes into my pocket.

but dont worry, as always quality lj comes to you at no cost!!!!

many updates to follow as my life has drastically changed.. i went in a nice little caterpillar and come out a glorious and beautiful caterpillar with wings.

Until all that, just revel in the fact that i'm back.


''ready to repiss off the lj community''
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